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A Fresh Voice Out of South Texas

If you all are not watching the videos from my new Facebook buddy — and fellow Navy Veteran — John Bridevaux, you need to be. John’s the kind of guy I would love to sit around with, having a bunch of beers and talking politics.

He is out of the Corpus Christi area and I have no idea if he has a Master’s Degree or never finished high school — and it doesn’t matter because the man is highly informed, incisive and smart as hell.

And as much as I dislike the ongoing trend of people getting their news solely from comedy shows and web videos, people will learn important stuff from John’s five to 10-minute productions.  That’s because when he goes on a self-described “rant” it is based on the current news of the day. And, after watching many of his videos, I have yet to see him be incorrect or make assertions not based on fact.

He’s also fun to listen to and I often find myself saying out loud “damn right!”

If we all stay as informed and involved as John Bridevaux, Trump doesn’t stand a chance. Check him out below. You can also find him on Facebook here.

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