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On The Friday Lighter Side: Weekly Top 10 To-Do List Items for Trump Supporters

With apologies to David Letterman, here’s my Top 10 weekly to-do list items for Trump supporters:

10. Maintain progress toward eighth-grade diploma

9. Continue search for Trump merchandise made in America

8. Freshly starch ceremonial KKK hood

7. Inventory all household firearms

6. Work harder to dress self in morning with no assistance

5. Friend Democrats on Facebook; Avoid facts, call them libtards

4. Make weekly donation to Russian Federation

3. Practice tying shoes (they won’t always have Velcro straps)

2. Purchase more hand-enlarging cream — oh, wait, that’s only if you actually are Donald Trump.

And the number one thing on a Trump supporters’ weekly to-do list…

1. Attempt to actually meet a black person

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