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Spicer: Investigation Will “Vindicate” Trump on Obama Wiretapping Charges

Whether it’s Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway, they always start dissembling with unqualified discussions on surveillance techniques whenever they are asked a direct question about their boss’s ridiculous wiretapping allegations against former President Obama. Spicer never goes as far as Conway — who has now famously suggested even common kitchen appliances could have been used to bug Trump — but he always finds a way to weasel out of a direct answer.

He did so again in today’s White House press briefing but elaborated a bit saying that there is “significant reporting” to back up Trump’s wild claim and that he believes President Mini-Mitts will ultimately be “vindicated.”

“I think he’s extremely confident. There’s been, I mean, I’ve mentioned this before… I’ll let them do their jobs,” said Spicer, when asked if Trump is confident that any evidence will surface to support his claim. “I’ll let the House, the Senate and I’ll let the DOJ report this. But as I’ve commented in the past, I think there’s significant reporting about surveillance techniques that have existed throughout the 2016 election.”

“I’ll leave it to them to issue their report. But I think he feels very confident that we’ll ultimately, come of this [sic], will vindicate him.”

The reporter then followed up and simply asked if Trump will make a statement when evidence — any evidence, of any kind — comes out. Which should be an easy question to answer unless your name is Sean Spicer. He responded by blathering on about letting the investigations run their course, saying “I don’t want to get ahead of what the president may or may not do.”

The really funny part, given that Conway was in the briefing room, was when Spicer was also asked if Trump believes “… he was surveilled through microwaves and televisions.”

“I’ll just say the president has tweeted about this, he’s pretty clear that he believes there was surveillance conducted during the 2016 election,” said the diminutive mouthpiece. “I think there’s pretty sound evidence that the microwave is not a sound way of surveilling someone and I think that has been cleaned up. It was made in jest, so I think we can put that to rest.”

Why, oh why, wasn’t there a camera on Conway as Spicer answered that question?

Here’s the clip of Spicer saying he believes Trump will be vindicated.

Spicer Lies on Same Subject Two Days Straight

I’ve got to hand it to White House spokesliar Sean Spicer… When he tells a fib he sticks with it and remains remarkably consistent. He was asked in yesterday’s press briefing if Trump would retract his Twitter claim that President Obama released “122 vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo Bay, that they returned to terrorism and that it was “just another terrible decision” by the former president.

As I wrote yesterday,Trump was, as he loved to say in last year’s debates “WRONG!”

In Tuesday’s Q and non-A, an intrepid newshound asked about that tweet and inquired on when a retraction might be forthcoming. And despite what Trump actually wrote, here was Spicer’s response:

“Yes, I mean, obviously the President meant in totality the number that had been released on the battlefield — that have been released from Gitmo since — individuals have been released. So that is correct.”

He just flat-out lied about Trump’s intent and, sadly, our non-reporter failed to follow up and demand an answer.

In today’s briefing, NBC’s Chris Jansing asked almost the same question, also invoking Trump’s silly claims about voter fraud and wire tapping, and throwing in a side-order of reality by asking if Trump has “… a credibility problem.”

Spicer renewed yesterday’s lie, saying that what Trump really meant was that it “was 122 people total,” not necessarily attributable to President Obama — which of course does not match what Trump actually wrote. He then babbled on for a minute and half about the security value of Guantanamo Bay and the difference in how the Bush and Obama administrations viewed the prison. But he never answered the question.

Have a look for yourself:

He once again completely skipped over the lie Trump told on the subject just yesterday and iced that cake with his own lie — again. Will Spicer make the rare and always-challenging “lie three-peat” tomorrow? Only if there’s a another press briefing and the question is asked again.

Spicer Bobs, Weaves and Evades Today — Bigly

White House spokesman Sean Spicer just finished an actual on-camera press briefing and was busier than a Russian spy at a White House mixer in not answering questions. Here’s a couple of good clips in which two reporters asked him questions (from different angles) about Tweety McTweetstorm’s  assertion that President Obama personally had his phones tapped.

First up is Alexis Simendinger of Real Clear Politics, who asked what I thought was a reasonable question:  Will Trump keeping his mouth shut — or tweeting little fingers quiet — in public if he’s not going to give responses to those comments in public while any investigation is done on his Obama accusations.

Spicer actually says he’ll have to get back to her on that. I guess life can be very volatile when you’re dealing with a child.

Then came NBC’s Hallie Jackson who asked a question that’s on everyone’s mind: If Trump is so sure that Obama was ordering such surveillance and has proof, why is the White House asking Congress to look into this? If Trump already has the answers, Jackson reasons, why spend the time on an investigation?

Jackson’s face is priceless as Spicer gives an answer that’s complete gibberish. She also does a nice unrelated follow-up asking if Trump is ready yet to release his tax returns or if he is still under the mythical “audit” — of course, Spicer says “my understanding is he’s still under audit.”

And there you have it, folks. Another day of question and non-answer.

Media Should Boycott White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Based on the Trump administration’s actions today in which they blocked news organizations they deem especially uncooperative from Friday’s press gaggle — they consider all media “enemies of the people” — I believe all members of the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) should boycott this year’s iconic dinner, which is slated for April 29.

The event, in which the president is the guest of honor, is mildly roasted and then gets to target others in his own stand-up routine, is typically a lighthearted affair and an evening the media and the White House get together as almost social friends.

This administration has shown it is anything but a friend — and expressly considers the media an “opposition party.”

The WHCA said today that they are “…protesting strongly against how today’s gaggle is being handled by the White House” and that “the board will be discussing this further with White House staff.”

In a February 2 statement about the dinner, WHCA President Jeff Mason reinforced that the annual fete acknowledges the media’s importance in our democracy, saying that “… as we do every year, we will celebrate the First Amendment and the role an independent press plays in a healthy republic.”

How ironic is that given that President Mini-Mitts and his crew would give anything to exile the entire press to a Siberian gulag?

But can you imagine the humiliation of Trump having to give what I’m sure will be a mean-spirited “comedy” tirade in front of an ocean of empty seats? Of course, he would just tweet the next day that he had the biggest crowd ever.

Advice to White House Press Corps – Show Some Balls

I admit it, I studied journalism a very long time ago when they still drilled us on our role as arbiters of truth and other quaint notions. At the risk of making a suggestion that might cause the White House press corps to go old school for a day, I think it would help establish your zero-tolerance for being stonewalled if you were to, well, not put up with being stonewalled.

My simple suggestion: The first time Press Secretary Sean Spicer ducks a question at the next White House press briefing, the next reporter called upon asks the same question and demands an answer. When Spicer gets irritated and again refuses to answer, the next person called upon follows up with the same question. And so forth. If you use up the entire briefing with that one question, so be it — it’s not like you’re getting information and news anyway.

This will draw a massive line in the sand, probably blow up like crazy on social media and make your point in an undeniable way.

You can do something like that or you can make the news that the people covering the White House got played for chumps yet again.

It’s your choice how long you keep letting this happen.

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