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McCain Says Rand Paul “Working For Putin” – Not Given Elizabeth Warren Treatment

You can call this sexism. You can call it partisanship. Or you can just call it wrong.

Remember February 7 when Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “persisted” after being told she was in violation of Senate Rule 19 for quoting unflattering references to Jeff Sessions by Coretta Scott King? It seemed like a silly and arbitrary interpretation of the arcane rule, which says that senators may not “directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) removed Warren’s speaking privileges for the night based on his belief that simply quoting others was bashing another senator, which Sessions was at that time.

It was ridiculous and clearly meant to “punish” Warren for speaking out against Sessions’ racist past.

Fast forward to Wednesday when John McCain (R-AZ) got royally peeved that Rand Paul (R-KY) blocked movement on a treaty that would have allowed Montenegro to move forward with the process of joining NATO — something that it just so happens Vladimir Putin also opposes.

“If there’s objection, you are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin…and I do not say that lightly,” said McCain to Paul.

McCain continued after Paul objected to the measure and walked off the Senate floor.

“The only conclusion you can draw when he walks away is he has no argument to be made,” said an angry McCain.”The senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”

Here’s the video:

So McConnell pulls that nonsense on Elizabeth Warren over nothing, but when one Republican senator says another is doing the work of Vladimir Putin, not a peep is uttered from McConnell or the presiding officer?

You make the call on why that is.

Warren: GOP Health Care Plan Designed to “Help the Rich Get Richer”

Here’s one of the good ones… Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on the Senate floor this afternoon, going after Republicans for their cruel, destructive health care proposal:

“Who comes up with a plan like this? What kind of health care bill has as its central feature ripping away health insurance from tens of millions of American citizens? What kind of politician thinks that they were sent to Congress to destroy the financial stability of millions of middle-class families and give wealthy donors a tax break that they certainly don’t need?

“Who thinks that the central problem in America is that middle-class families have too much health care coverage and that the richest people in America need government to hand them more money?

“There is no other way to say it:  This bill is just part of a Republican plan to help the rich get richer and kick dirt in everyone else’s face.”

Warren Persists Again – Goes After Trump and Commerce Nominee

Well, at least nobody told her to sit down this time.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who was a driving force in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before being elected to the Senate, was expected to be among the most informed and vocal of Wilbur Ross’s critics in confirmation debates and she did not disappoint earlier today.

“Mr. Ross is a Wall Street billionaire with a long history of profiting from the suffering of others,” said Warren, opening her remarks on the Senate floor. “He also has shady ties to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. That’s just his record. And because of that record, I do not have confidence that he will protect the interests of the American people as Secretary of Commerce.”

Warren then read chapter and verse on everything we know about the Trump Administration’s seemingly endless ties to Putin and listed Ross as one of the primary players in those cozy relationships.

“In this context, Mr. Ross’s connections to Russia raise dangerous issues. We know that Ross installed a former KGB official and close associate of Vladimir Putin as the vice-chairman of the Bank of Cyprus, a bank that Mr. Ross controlled and a bank that was flooded with Russian money.

“How closely connected was this former KGB official to Vladimir Putin? Here’s one hint: He was so closely connected to Putin that he was given $100 million dollar payout by a Russian-controlled mining company as a golden parachute. And he wasn’t even the only Putin pal on Mr. Ross’ board. That’s right. Mr. Ross wanted the bank he controlled to have multiple board members from Putin’s inner circle.”

The Massachusetts Senator then reviewed how normal this has all become with Trump’s cabinet nominees.

“We’ve never seen a cabinet like this in history. Like many of President Trump’s other nominees and like President Trump himself, this nominee seems to see his time in public service as a chance to increase his own wealth. In other words, on any given deal, he might be working for the American people or he might just be working for himself. We will have no way to know.

“There is significant reason to believe that the President of the United States has substantial financial ties with Russia, but nobody actually knows any of the details because he has failed to reveal his tax returns. And now President Trump expects the Senate to rubber stamp his nomination of a top banker to Vladimir Putin’s buddies to run the Commerce Department of the United States.”

Warren saved the best for last by revealing that Ross has long been the leader of a Wall Street “Secret Society” — his official title within this little fraternity is the “Grand Swipe” — that gathers to both commiserate on their shabby public image and to poke fun at the very people they routinely victimize.

“Ross ran a secret club of top Wall Street tycoons called Kappa Beta Phi. I am not making this up. It is actually true,” said Warren. “So he runs this secret club which apparently gathers every year to get drunk and entertain themselves by putting on off-color skits that make fun of the millions of Americans they’ve swindled over the years.”

I can’t believe that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t jump up and protect his buddies after that one. But even if he had, Warren would undoubtedly have persisted. Here’s the full video of her floor speech.

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