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Spicer Lies on Same Subject Two Days Straight

I’ve got to hand it to White House spokesliar Sean Spicer… When he tells a fib he sticks with it and remains remarkably consistent. He was asked in yesterday’s press briefing if Trump would retract his Twitter claim that President Obama released “122 vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo Bay, that they returned to terrorism and that it was “just another terrible decision” by the former president.

As I wrote yesterday,Trump was, as he loved to say in last year’s debates “WRONG!”

In Tuesday’s Q and non-A, an intrepid newshound asked about that tweet and inquired on when a retraction might be forthcoming. And despite what Trump actually wrote, here was Spicer’s response:

“Yes, I mean, obviously the President meant in totality the number that had been released on the battlefield — that have been released from Gitmo since — individuals have been released. So that is correct.”

He just flat-out lied about Trump’s intent and, sadly, our non-reporter failed to follow up and demand an answer.

In today’s briefing, NBC’s Chris Jansing asked almost the same question, also invoking Trump’s silly claims about voter fraud and wire tapping, and throwing in a side-order of reality by asking if Trump has “… a credibility problem.”

Spicer renewed yesterday’s lie, saying that what Trump really meant was that it “was 122 people total,” not necessarily attributable to President Obama — which of course does not match what Trump actually wrote. He then babbled on for a minute and half about the security value of Guantanamo Bay and the difference in how the Bush and Obama administrations viewed the prison. But he never answered the question.

Have a look for yourself:

He once again completely skipped over the lie Trump told on the subject just yesterday and iced that cake with his own lie — again. Will Spicer make the rare and always-challenging “lie three-peat” tomorrow? Only if there’s a another press briefing and the question is asked again.

Trump Accuses Obama Again – Wrong Again

In yet another early-morning Twitter meltdown, President Mini-Mitts has once again attacked former President Barack Obama. This time it’s about the number of “vicious prisoners” Obama allegedly released from the Guantanamo Bay detention center who have returned to terrorism — and once again, as with the wire-tapping nonsense, Trump is completely wrong.

Trump posted this tweet early Tuesday morning:

But according to Politico this morning, Trump is apparently referring to a September 2016 document from the Director of National Intelligence that reports on the “Summary of the Reengagement of Detainees Formerly Held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.” Here’s a look at the chart that tells the story:

Trump is jumping on the row describing “Confirmed of Reengaging” where the number is indeed listed as 122. The problem is that 113 of those were released “Pre-22 January 2009” which, as any human with a brain larger than a walnut knows, was only 48 hours after Obama took office.

The Independent in the UK has the same analysis.

So once again, we have the impulsive toddler, tweeting about something that isn’t true, and wasting all the grown-ups’ time.

CNN Retires Running Clock on Trump Mean Tweets

In the ultimate sign of how far the American presidency has fallen in just a few months, CNN earlier this week began a running clock to track just how long Tweety McTweetstorm could go without attacking anyone on Twitter.

“He hasn’t knocked, tweaked or attacked anyone on Twitter since Sunday afternoon, when he claimed, ‘Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks,'” wrote CNN on Wednesday.

Well, we all knew that wouldn’t last very long.

CNN retired that clock today after a Trump tweet storm last night in which he petulantly attacked Democrats and blamed them for all of Jeff Sessions’ woes in, well, lying to the United States Congress. He capped that off this morning by calling it “pathetic” that Senate Democrats have taken so long to agree with his Cabinet of Deplorables — apparently not understanding that the U.S. Constitution requires that senators do something more than simply validate his bad choices.

So the mean-tweet abstention clock goes away, but it ends with what has to be a new record for this guy, with CNN calculating Trump’s grown-up phase at 4 days, 8 hours and 22 minutes.

Out of all the sad “new normals” we are contending with, how bad is it that an American president is now being measured by something like this?

And Here’s Our Narcissist in Chief

This tweet from yesterday illustrates how the Narcissist in Chief always — always! — finds a way to make everything come back to being all about him. Of all the elements making Trump’s supporters the dumbest people on the planet, first among them is the fact that they still believe he gives a damn about them or, for that matter, anyone but himself.

Trump’s Tweets Grow Increasingly Mad

I find it very easy to picture Donald Trump rocking slowly in a gold chair, wearing only a Trump-logoed bathrobe and being spoon-fed porridge by Reince Priebus as he typed his latest tweet this morning.

President McTweetstorm Rips Senate Democrats

Looks like Tweety McTweetstorm was up and at ’em early once again… This time going after Democrats for holding the Senate floor all night to discuss Betsy “Fear-The-Grizzly” DeVos and giving citizens more time to convince just one Republican to do the right thing today.

The whole Congress, checks and balances thing really seems to bother the Tweeter in Chief.

Robart is “So-Called” Judge?

Easy there, President McTweetstorm… I wonder if anyone close to Trump will bother to tell him that James Robart, who issued the temporary restraining order against the immigration executive order, actually is a U.S. federal judge.

I mean, if anyone can just decide to be a “so-called judge” I’m buying a nice black robe and jumping all over that. But, believe me, my rulings shall be just. It’s gonna be terrific.

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